Dash In

Food & Drink | Graphic Design | Package & Print Design | Web Design

What I did

Designed the website and other branding elements including packaging items, brand guides and promotional graphics. Was responsible for creating the new visual system to coincide with their redesigned stores and culture.


I was provided with research and history about the company, where they’ve been and how they wanted to evolve as a brand. The client wanted the website to be different from its competitors who all had a very corporate look and feel. While their competitors had a B2B approach, Dash In's approach was B2C. Most of their clientele knew them as a simple refueling station and few knew of their food offerings. With their new look and elevated menu they aimed to be more than just a pit stop along the highway.

food I created assets to be used on the website using the provided food photography. I designed visual elements around the imagery which to me illustrated being homemade or hand crafted.

The Website

The overall look and feel used brown and green as the anchors of the color pallet with a hint of wood texture patterns. Those colors were based on a new logo that would premiere after the launch of the website. I then chose secondary and tertiary colors that would complement the color palette. The typography consisted of san-serif as the main typeface and incorporated a script typeface sparingly to imply a handwritten feel. I finally designed iconography consistent visually with the logo. This was challenging since I had not designed the new logo. However, one of my strengths is taking an existing style and extending that across multiple design deliverables.

food I created basic styleguides including a color palette and iconography.

Beyond the Website

After I designed the website, I created many branding elements that would be displayed in-store and packaging concepts. I designed coffee collars, donut boxes and menu concepts. Everything I designed used a consistent typographic treatment and iconography.